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Drip Edges

Drip edge 2

Perimeter edge flashing is a crucial element our of roofing system because it sheds water away from the roof edge. In addition, it flashes the natural point of separation where the roof deck, fascia and the truss meet.



Our top performing steel valleys are made of extra strength 25-gauge steel. An extensive range of designer colors complement today’s leading shingle manufacturers. Choose from these innovative profiles: 18″ A-Valley, 18″ W-Valley, 20″ W-Valley, 24″ W-Valley. Also available in copper.


Roof Flashing

All flashing products are made of premium quality aluminum, pre-finished in colors for a perfect match with drip edges, valleys and gutter protection. Choose from Step Flashing (flat and pre-bent options), Base Flashing, Porch Flashing, Deck Flashing and Rolled Flashing (varying lengths and widths).

Shingle Starter

Shingle Starter

The shingle starter seals the roof deck, as well as sealing to the first course of shingles. By employing our shingle starter, 66 seams are eliminated from the average roof, providing cleaner lines and a more professional look.