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Roof Vents

For A Long Lasting Roof, Balanced Attic Ventilation Is Essential.

Continuous ridge vents ventilate your attic from end to end to end. Cool, dry air that is drawn in at the soffit replaces the, moist air that rises to the ridge and leaves through the ridge vents.

Is Your Home Safe?

17 million people in the United States have asthma while 30% of asthmatics are sensitive to mold fungal allergens. The same molds and allergens can multiply in your attic due to poor ventilation.

Experiencing High Energy Bills?

In the summer, hot, humid air trapped it a poorly ventilated attic can reach temperature of 140 degrees or higher causing your air condition to work harder. In the winter, poorly ventilated attics fill with the warm air from your heating system wasting money to heat this unused area of your home.