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Cedar Shake Roofing Looks Great And Why It Is An Excellent Choice

The use of the right roofing material plays a significant role in having a house that looks great, and cedar shakes roofing is among the top choices in the market. If you are familiar with shingles, then roofing shakes are their main rivals. A shake is made from cedar by cutting and splitting the wood. Cedar is a soft-wood tree found in many places in the world. The shakes are made in different styles and designs with options depending on the splitting techniques that include taper-sawn, hand-split and re-sawn to produce an array of cedar shake roofing options. However, some considerations are necessary when choosing this particular roofing material to ensure the right decisions are made.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Synthetic vs Natural

First, there is the need to decide if the home will need synthetic or natural shake siding. Both can be ideal and each has its advantages and disadvantages which can help in deciding which will best suit your home.

  • With the natural cedar shake roofing, you get something that looks extremely good and adds an authentic earthy touch to your home. Moreover, it lasts long and comes in different designs. But it is relatively a high-maintenance compared to the synthetic cedar shake roofing.
  • The synthetic type is artificial, made of PVC and thus will not have the same looks of the natural cedar shake material. In most cases, the synthetic cedar shake roofing will have a dull look though it is available in different colors which makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for something that gives a striking finish. The synthetic material requires little maintenance and this means it has a relatively lower cost in the long-run compared to the natural cedar.

Always have the two points at the back of your mind when choosing the cedar shake roofing material. Other than the two, the following are the top reasons why you should consider installing cedar shake roof.

The Five Reasons You Should Choose a Cedar Shake Roof

1. Achieving the Aesthetic:
Most of the cedar roofs are installed in a coordinated manner to ensure they complement various home styles. The roofing contractors will generate pictures that give examples of the various viable cedar shake roofing options that will suit your homes architectural style. While aesthetics may be limited when dealing with the natural cedar shakes, the synthetic type offers an array of possibilities. But even the natural shakes give amazing effects; they will weather and have a silver-grey appearance if well-maintained but allowed to age in the elements.

2. Durability:
Cedar is praised in construction for its ability to resist bugs and its excellent UV block. It is sturdy enough to withstand storm damage such as hail and strong winds. Moreover, most homeowners have concerns about the effects of extreme cold conditions that freeze shingles making them susceptible to thawing. Good thing cedar shakes are not susceptible to such conditions since they do not have layers that will separate and delaminate under freezing conditions.

3. Insulation:
If you are looking for a roofing material that offers exceptional insulation, then consider using cedar shakes. The wood offers a natural insulation material while adding value to your home. It reduces the energy demand in the home ensuring the indoors are at a desirable room temperature all year round.

4. The Green Effort:
Timber is a versatile material, a biodegradable and recyclable resource with many applications in construction. The harvesting of wood is often done in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. As such, even the production of cedar shakes can include innovative techniques that produce versatile products such as engineered cedar shake roofing materials since timber is renewable.

5. Fighting Wind, Fire, and Hail:
The proper installation of the cedar shakes can result in a roof that is capable of withstanding hail storms and hurricane force winds. Since the cedar shakes hardly shrink or split during their lifetime, the roof will have very minimal damages during such harsh weather. The shakes will not thaw meaning you will have a flat, well insulated, durable and leak-proof roof on your home. To make the cedar wood fire resistant, the roofing contractors will apply a special fire retardant chemical that also acts as a UV block and can withstand different weather elements. Cedar shakes roofing is preferable among other roofing types .
Cedar shakes are the perfect option that homeowners who are looking for beautifully distinct roofing. The aesthetic appeal of the cedar shakes is not the only thing that draws many people to consider this roofing material, the cedar shakes offer a unique style and many benefits. They are resistant to fire, impacts, and winds, offer excellent insulation, are durable and environmentally friendly.

For the best results that last for an extended period (more than ten years), it is wise to have the cedar shake roofing installed by a reputable, qualified, experienced, licensed, bonded, roofing contractor. Installing the right roof is an investment that is well worth the cost given its many advantages that will be seen in many years to come. If you have a home with Cape Cod roof, there are some special tips and considerations that must keep in mind to make it last longer.