How to Get Your Roof Put on Safely While Social-Distancing

With all of the recent public health concerns, the last thing anybody wants is a team of people walking around their home and bringing in germs from outside. However, prior to this pandemic, people were in the process of getting services done to their homes, such as roof replacements. Even now, it’s still possible to receive a reliable estimate from an expert roofing company without having to expose yourself to unwanted germs. Through the use of satellite imaging and digital estimates, professional roofing companies are maintaining the most integral structure for households around the world.

Outbreaks don’t take into consideration that you’ve been waiting to fix that leak, or that you’ve been needing to replace those cracked tiles for some time. When a roof leaks, water can enter the home. The flooding can make the home inhabitable, which is a major concern when we are quarantined to our homes and living in uncertainty.

My family had to personally deal with the last major virus, so I can empathize with how important it is to keep distance in order to keep safe. However, despite everything else being on pause, we were able to find someone who was still providing roofing services to come and help us with our urgent issue. Keep reading this article to see how it's possible to take care of your roofing needs while keeping safe in quarantine.

Why Satellite Imaging Is Worth Your Time

It may sound surprising, but there have been impressive advancements in the technology that is used to generate accurate estimates for new roofing jobs. In fact, expert roofing companies today know how to utilize sophisticated satellite imaging methods in order to calculate how much a new roof will cost.

Did you know it's possible to get a reliable estimate for a new roof without having to meet with a consultant in person? It’s astonishing – and convenient– that engineers can look at your home on their satellite imaging software, and then send a personalized estimate over to you through email.

This is a meticulous and detailed process that roofing companies have been perfecting for a few years. When I used to work in customer service, satellite imaging was just becoming popular among customers, and we were starting to convince people of the value of over-the-phone estimates. Engineers have had a few more years to become efficient with their digitalized craft.

The current climate is concerning, but it doesn’t mean that everything else can be on hold. If you’re needing work done to your roof, the professionals at Armor Services can take care of all of your roof’s needs over the phone and digitally as we all continue through this time of quarantine.

Do You Need Your Roof Repaired? Stay Safe With Armor Services by Using Online Roofing Estimates & Satellite Imagery

It’s important to protect your family from exposure and infection from the outside air. The coronavirus is making its way through communities all around the world. As this pandemic is extremely contagious and fast-moving, we've been asked to limit our exposure to each other. Large gatherings are forbidden, and everyone has been advised to do as much work from home as possible. You're not going to the office, and the kids have been sent home from school for at least a few weeks. However, you still need to manage everything around your home, and while everyone is in it.

If you have been putting off your roofing issues, this is the perfect time to get an estimate for your home as nobody even needs to come inside to take care of it. You’ll need to take time away from work to talk to a technician about your roofing issue. However, since you have extra downtime during the quarantine, this is the perfect opportunity to take care of maintaining the roofing structure of your home.

The Benefits of Online Imaging & Digital Estimates

  • Benefit #1: Rapid Response Rates for New Estimates

    You don't have to wait for days to get a technician to come to your home. Digital estimates are drawn up in-house. They are promptly emailed to customers within 24 hours.

  • Benefit #2: Save on Your Roof by Eliminating Sales Commissions

    When you order an estimate for your roof on your own, you will be saving on the cost. Instead of dealing with a salesperson who takes a commission from your roofing purchase, you will be speaking directly with talented and skilled engineers.

  • Benefit #3: Keep Your Family Free From Danger

    We are all doing our best to keep safe. You’re keeping your family quarantined, and we are keeping our team healthy. However, you won't have to worry about coming into contact with anyone during this revolutionary digital estimate process.

Take a Look at the Estimate Without Coming in Contact With Germs

Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, and it can be especially challenging during a stressful outbreak scenario. Our sales team only offers support when you order an estimate for your roofing needs and is there to answer any questions you may have. Instead of coming out to your home to speak to you in person, everything will be handled over the phone and computer seamlessly, and all payments can be made electronically. Our team is expertly resourceful and works closely with using satellite images in order to create a perfectly-tailored estimate for your new roof.

How Armor Services Is Protecting You and Your Family From the Virus

Armor Services is dedicated to containing the outbreak while providing quality roofing services for those needing roof repairs. Our team keeps healthy, and we're careful to ensure that workers do not come in contact with our customers as the job progresses. The only way to keep everyone safe is to avoid coming in contact with each other. We're happy to provide reliable, quality services for our customers who are coming to us during this time.

Take Care of Your Roofing Problems Without Exposing Your Family to the Dangerous Virus

You won't be disappointed when this all settles down and you have one less thing to worry about. When this virus has passed on, you'll have a new and reliable roof, which really makes a world of difference for your home overall. Stay safe with Armor Services, and let us walk you through the exciting process of receiving a digital estimate for your household's new roof.


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