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Roof Repairs

Let’s talk about roofing repairs first, and then we can talk about affordable roof replacement. If you look at the national average, people are paying about $777 for roofing repairs. If you think you have a more simple repair on the docket so to speak, then you might pay less than that. For example, when you look at the average range and not just the average cost, the low end is about $330. That’s good to know until you see the high end.

As you can imagine, the high end is above $1k. Remember, that is the high end and low end of the average range. Roof repairs can cost a lot more than that, but they top out at a certain point because it would just be cheaper to replace the roof. The source I used for quotes says that the actual high end is over $4k.

You can imagine that it depends on the type of roof you have. If you have a slate roof, you might have to pay more for repairs, and of course, a whole new roof would cost more than a new shingle roof. Now that we’ve talked roofing repairs, let’s talk about roof replacement.

Roof repair